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"I went to actual, medical doctor this morning." She wished his eyes wasn't like that. Full of regret, full of apologizes. Something, in the back of her head, told her that they work it out. But then the memories came rushing back, the shouts, the arguments, his words. Those were worst of all. His words cut through her like knives. River glanced down at her hand. She had been playing with the band of gold around her left ring finger. He had given it to her. She forced herself to look up. "I'm-"

An actual Doctor? What was that supposed to mean? That combined with the look on her face sent a bit of panic racing through him. Even if they had been separated, he still cared, very much so. Just because she had left, the feelings hadn’t. He never stopped loving her, and never would. 

“Are you sick River? It’s not- serious is it? You’re going to be alright aren’t you?” Of course she would, he knew that this wasn’t the end for her. He had seen River Song’s end. Whatever it was would work itself out. Or so he hoped.

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There are many Doctors in many different universes... I am one of those... Yes I am a pony but it doesn't matter, I am myself and nothing can change that...


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He thought about his words carefully before he asked the question, looking at the ground. "Do you... do you ever think about when we were kids? Back when things were... different."



My muse agrees to be completely honest and spare no details for one of your muse’s curiosities, but only one. What does your muse try to find out from mine?

"Back when we were a little bit more than just friends? Back before you made it your mission to destroy me? Why would I ever think about that?" He said in return, jaw tight as he looked at him. Of course he thought about it, more often than he would have liked. With a sigh the Doctor shoulders slumped, defeated. "Of course I think about it." He grumbled at the floor. "But it doesn’t matter does it?" 

He gave a small smile, one that he rarely gave because behind it wasn’t mad glee, but warmth. He pressed his lips to the Doctor’s, kissing him with surprising tenderness before pulling away after a minute. “Guess I’d better make this good, then.” He kicked his shoes off as his hands wandered off the bed and up the Doctor’s torso to his shoulders, using the grip to push him back and climb on top of him.

The Master’s gentle kiss caught him by surprise, the simple action sending the most delicious warmth to spread him. “I wouldn’t expect anything less.” The Doctor stayed quiet after that,  a shiver of anticipation making his hands shake a little as he reached up to cup the back of the other Time Lord’s neck, pulling him down just the same as he fell back against the mattress without another word.  

dear current and future rp partners: i’m going to go days without replying to you, please don’t take it personally.

Want to hear a joke?



"What do you call a fake noodle?"

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Okay, that joke- oh my gosh- I can't stop smiling and it has been like five entire minutes since I read it! (I was laughing for at least three of those minutes) I proceeded to tell my father who gave me a "are-you-trying-to-be-funny?-I'll-show-you-funny-look" and then he told me a really bad joke and then I repeated my joke and now we're laughing so hard again :) So ya. Keep 'em coming :)

//xDD Haha! Ahh that is too cute! 

Want to hear a joke?

"What do you call a fake noodle?"

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Reasons a Character Might Act Out-of-Character


I know I’ve talked a lot about making sure that your characters stay “in character”, but what I mean by that is your character’s actions should make sense depending on the situation. There are many reasons why a character might act out-of-character and that doesn’t mean that you’ve done something wrong as a writer. As long as your character’s actions are explained and what they’re doing is in line with their character development, they can do “strange” things from time to time. Here are a few reasons why one of your characters might act in an odd manner:

Out of anger. Intense emotions really change how people act, which most people probably know from personal experience. I’ve done and said things out of anger that I would never say or do if I was thinking clearly. People do things out of anger, out of sadness, out of extreme happiness, etc. Keep emotion in mind when you’re writing your novel. It helps explain why a character might have acted a certain way and it helps humanize them.

Something happened that changed them. Moments cause you to act differently than you normally would. Maybe you’ve experienced a death of someone close. Maybe someone you love got sick or is in serious trouble. That might cause you to justify your actions or act in a way that seems sensible at the time. However, avoid using characters as “props” to draw out emotions from your protagonist. Don’t kill off the love interest in order to justify revenge.  There’s a delicate balance.

They’re growing. If a character makes better decisions than they normally would, due to events that opened their eyes, that’s all part of their character development. A character can grow and change and eventually those actions will make sense. Your character should change and develop over the course of the novel, so they won’t necessarily be acting out-of-character. These changes should happen.

They’ve made a mistake/They’re human. People make mistakes and they do things that they thought were right. If your characters act in a certain way out of emotion or just because they made the wrong choices, they’re human. They don’t have all the answers. Having your characters make mistakes, learn from them, and make decisions based on those mistakes is just part of their journey AND this keeps your characters from being Mary Sues. We don’t want to see perfection in your characters, we want to see growth, and we want to be interested in their arc.

-Kris Noel


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Well, the muse is spot on, lovely muse. Wonderful and just as cool as the Cannon Doctor. But the mun, well the mun is atleast 20 bazillion times cooler than the Doctor. I love the mun. The mun is super nice, easy to talk to and has the most excellent tags :)

// :DD *hugs you forever* Especially since you like my horrible tag rambling xD Greyface this is like the sweetest thing ever and I so needed this today! You are amazing! And I love you too honey! *hugs more* 

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" Being a writer is 3% talent, 97% not being distracted by the internet. "
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Everyone I RP with deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for not killing me when I don’t reply for like a month

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“I want you to dominate me.”


[Thread Starters : Kink Edition]

"Wha’, now?" X blinked, a little taken aback by the request. It was rarely his style these days to play a dominant role if he could get away with it, but stubborn pride reminded the Time Lord that he was more than capable. Lips twisting into a thin smirk, the Doctor scratched his nose absently, "could be arranged, I’m sure, love. Got any pref’rences I sh’d know about for ‘ow you like t’ play?"

He took in a deep breath, looking up at the man with near pleading eyes. “It would be fantastic if it could.” Normally the Doctor wouldn’t have dared breach the subject, but today had been hard, and he deserved to be punished for the things he had done. “It doesn’t matter. Not really. As long as it hurts. Just- take control and- dominate me. Any way you’d like.”